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The overall responsibility for ASDP will be assumed by the MoAD, which is the lead Programme agency. It will establish a PCO at Birendranagar in Surkhet district of Province 6 to coordinate Programme implementation and a PSC, which will assist the MoAD in leading government agencies, NGOs, Service providers (SPs), the private sector and communities at all levels to ensure achievement of the Programme objectives.

Programme Steering Committee. The PSC is established by the MoADto inform them on overall execution of Programme implementation and ensure effective coordination/integration/ cooperation among parallel government and donor-funded Programmes. The PSC will be chaired by the Secretary, MoAD and be comprised of Under-Secretaries of concerned line-departments and representatives of NGOs and private sector entities related to the Programme (See Appendix 5, Annex 1 for details). The PSC will inform the MoAD/Province 6 on matters concerning the strategic management of the Programme, including the decisions such as appointment of the Programme

Coordinator (PC), approval of the PIM, AWPB, and other decisions related to Programme coordination, orientation and mobilization of resources. The PSC will meet each semester(alternatively in Kathmandu and Province 6) to coordinate Programme implementation, guide planning, review progress, and make recommendations for any modifications of AWPB as needed. In addition to the MoAD-chaired PSC, the PCO will be guided by a Province 6-chaired Technical Advisory Committee TAC) that combines provincial and national technical expertise.

Technical Advisory Group (TAG): A Province 6-led TAG, comprising federal and provincial agriculture, livestock, forestry, agri-business and food technology/safety experts would be established to advise the PCO on technical aspects of programme implementation. The TAG would meet annually in Birendranagar to review the ASDP AWPB before submission and to liaise with MSP groups to discuss technical constraints to efficient VC development. The group would advise the MSPs and PCO on technical solutions to identified problems or on the development of participatory action research to identify solutions.

Programme Coordination Office: A PCO will be established at Birendranagar in Surkhet district of Province 6 to assist the PSC in coordination of the participating line agencies and municipalities and wards in actual management of GoN and IFAD resources.


कार्यालय समय  (Office working hours)

आईतवार देखि विहिवार सम्म १०.०० बजे देखि ५ बजे सम्म

शुक्रवार १०.०० बजे देखि ३ बजे सम्म


शनिवार र नेपाल सरकारकाे वार्षिक पात्रो अनुसारको सार्वजनिक विदामा कार्यालय वन्द रहनेछ ।

Selected Value Chain
  1. Apple
  2. Ginger
  3. Turmeric
  4. Goat
  5. Vegetable Seed
  6. Off-Season Vegetable
  7. Timur
  8. Honey
  9. Dairy
  10. Citrus Fruit
  11. Walnut
  12. Seed Potato
  13. Indigenous Crop
Project Area
  1. Surkhet
  2. Dailekh
  3. Kalikot
  4. Jumla
  5. Salyan
  6. Rukum
  7. Jajarkot
  8. Humla
  9. Mugu
  10. Dolpa
Project Component
Component 1, Value chain Development:
  1. Inclusive and sustainable agriculture value chains
  2. Market-oriented infrastructure
  3. Rural financial services for value chain development
  4. Agriculture services support innovation and value chain development
Component 2
  1. planning, monitoring & evaluation and Knowledge management