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Project Approach/Modality

The ADS envisages accelerated agricultural sector growth through four strategic components related to governance, productivity, profitable commercialization, and competitiveness, while promoting inclusion, sustainability, connectivity and private/cooperative development. The ASDP approach follows a parallel path, though it will be less engaged in sector governance, which is being strengthened through European Union (EU) TA to the four MoAD ADS Flagship Groups[1]. The Programme will identify financially and economically viable agricultural commodities with market growth and value addition potential across the main agri-ecosystems in Province 6. This process will be facilitated by ASDP-convened Multi-Stakeholder Platforms (MSP) for each commodity, designed to linkkey stakeholders along potential value chains. MSPs, which, over time will be empowered to become self-governing, will include farmer representatives, private sector actors (traders, processors, input suppliers, investors, finance institutions) and government actors (research, education, extension). In addition to building value chain partnerships, MSPs will also identify opportunities and technical and capacity constraints that then can be addressed through Programme supported, outcome-based training and research. The Programme, in partnership with MSPs, will invite national and international agri-businesses and entrepreneurs to co-invest in key processing infrastructure for the development of the respective commodity value chains. The confirmation of such “market gatekeeper” investment will trigger Programme support to stakeholders along the value chain, including traders, transporters and commodity producers. More than one “market gatekeeper” could be identified for a particular commodity. In general, the Programme will support investors who (i) require the least co-financing as a percentage of the total investment; (ii) show the highest profitability and value addition; and (iii) have business strategies/plans that better include disadvantaged groups and areas. The Programme will not support commodity production where there is no clear access to profitable markets.

Programme Flow Diagram