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प्रमुख सुचनाहरु
Goal, Objectives and Impact Indicators

The Goal of the Programme is to: contribute to the reduction of poverty and nutrition insecurity amongst women and men in hill and mountain areas of Karnali Province.

The Development Objective (DO) is to: sustainably improve the income and food security of smallholders and disadvantaged rural groups[1] involved in commercially-oriented production and marketing systems in selected high value agricultural value chains.

The indicator of Programme success at goal level is:

  • 24,000 more women in Programme area of 15-49 years of age consume at least 5 out of 10 defined food groups daily (disaggregated by ethnicity);

The indicators of Programme success at DO level are:

  • Sixty per cent reduction in poverty incidence in 35,000 Programme households(measured as a HFIAS[2] score of 7.0 or lower (disaggregated by gender and disadvantaged group);
  • 26,000 value chain linked farm households double their household income (disaggregated by ethnicity and female-headed households).